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HD Sport Camera

1080p @ 30fps

720p @ 60fps

5 mp photo

1.5" LCD screen

Remote Control

Waterproof case




Our new HD Sport Camera offers great high definition quality with fantastic new features like the built in LCD screen and remote control. No more guesswork in filming, these features allow you to see what you are going to be shooting as well as check what you've just filmed. You can also stop and start the video, or take a still shot, using the remote from anywhere nearby. This saves lots of hopping in and out of your car or spaceship and reduces the amount of editing required afterwards. 

The Slip Angle HD Sport Camera features and 1.5" LCD screen which enables you to see what you are shooting as well as watch replays. And a remote control fob which operates both photo and video start-stop. 

Boxed item

The Slip Angle HD Sport Camera comes with everything seen here; Camera, waterproof case, remote control fob, various helmut mounts, connection wires. , adapter for micro storage chip (storage chip not included).

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