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Who We Are

We're just simple racer folk who like to kick butt, which meant we either had to spend big bucks on our cars or get better at driving, which we thought wouldn't be a bad idea anyway. 

As we found items that helped us others asked where they could get them. A first we thought 'forget that (not our exact words) let's just keep not losing'. 

But then we thought, why not sponor our own cars and provide some of the great items we've found to others? In the beginning we were just selling to our friends so our markup was low, and we've continued with that approach as we hope to meet many of you on the track in the future. 

We are lifelong learners and will be here, looking for new ways to improve and sharing them with you until we reach our ultimate goal, a seat on an F1 team. So rest assured we'll be here to serve your for at least another season, maybe more. 

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